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Over The Top
by Jonathan Van Ness

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This book is mostly depressing. I liked reading what his audition was like for Queer Eye.

Splatoon, Vol. 6
by Sankichi Hinodeya

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It was very funny! I liked the part where Emperor got pantsed.

You're In The Wrong Bathroom
by Laura Erickson-Schroth and Laura A. Jacobs

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The chapters were summed up by their titles, and they got long. It did help me understand trans people a little better.

On A Sunbeam
by Tillie Walden

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I don't think there were any boys in this book, ever. It was an interesting take on science fiction. It wrapped up pretty quickly after a lot of action at the end, I would have preferred a more satisfying end.

Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope
by Karamo Brown

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I enjoyed it for the most part. The chapters were ordered a little strangely to me, since one was about his experience with drugs

by Marie Lu

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It was really exciting in the beginning, but it dragged a little after that. The fight scenes were cool, very fast paced.

We Unleash The Merciless Storm
by Tehlor Kay Mejia

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Carmen's perspective was more boring than Dani's, and that was the entire book. This book had more action than the first, but the villain was stupid. It dragged on for too long at the beginning, her decision to save her girlfriend or stay with her family. Obviously save your girlfriend! Which would make for a better book!? I still liked the book, but wouldn't recommend it.

A Tale For The Time Being
by Ruth Ozeki

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This book is extremely dark. I picked it up because of the pretty cover and Japanese setting, but it's mostly depressing. I liked the Zen elements though, since I'm interested in meditation. I skipped the chapters of Ruth's perspective a few times, they weren't as interesting as Nao's.

Real Happiness The Power Of Meditation A 28-day Program
by Sharon Salzberg

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This book had interesting and encouraging things to say about meditation. Only thing was: it was a "28 day program," which just made me feel bad about not completing the weeks. Sharon assigned 20 minute sessions to start, which is longer than I'd meditated before. It was hard to keep it consistent. I preferred Dan Harris's books, where he encourages people to start with 5 or 10 minutes.

We Set The Dark On Fire
by Tehlor Kay Mejia

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I liked it because the main characters were lesbian, but the politics were boring. It did seem like a "first book".

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